Lucky Inu: The Newest Addition to the Dog Token Revolution

What is Lucky Inu?

Lucky Inu is a brand new meme token in the dog token family. Did you miss the Dogecoin, Shiba, Kishu, Keanu rockets aiming for the moon? Fear not. The dog season is still fresh. Buckle up and join the newly launched Lucky Inu token that will hit the moon before the other coins. Because we are Lucky Inu!
The token will be launched 02.06.2021 at 1900 CET.


Lucky Inu’s purpose and mission is to rival Dogecoin as the next biggest growing ecosystem. Our mission will only succeed by building a large community. Therefore we aim to focus effectively on community engagement from the very start, to make it the most amazing community! How? Lucky Inu coins will be owned by its community, and our active marketing team will make the community grow exponentially by creating memes, aping on billboards, using influencers and creating merchandise!

We are confident that the token will explode upwards in hypersonic speed. New investors will be howling after the Lucky Inu tokens as we achieve our sub-goals on our way to the moon! Lucky Inu aspires to be more than just a meme token, we want big dreams to come true, and go by the slogan “I have a dream”.

Some of our goals on the road will be:

Short term

  • Rapidly increase Lucky Inu token holders and telegram members.

Medium term

  • Listing on CEX such as Bilaxy and Whitebit.

Long term

  • Lucky decentralized exchange (DEX)


Lucky token is a new token on the Ethereum blockchain and will be launched as a fair token on Uniswap. The tokenomics of the Lucky Inu is designed to incentivize for holding the token and building a community which will increase the value of Lucky Inu token. Lucky Inu offers staking earnings (passive income) as 2% of each transaction is redistributed to the holders in the ever growing network. LP tokens will be burned and ownership renounced.


  • 100 Quadrillion tokens minted.

Find out more now


Telegram / Twitter

Chart & Uniswap

Contract address: 0xd1c8fa30fded3e0031dc24c1646d74108b096cc2

Lucky Inu is only available on Uniswap!
Proof of renounced contract ownership HERE

Proof of liquidity burned forever HERE



Only the moon is enough.

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